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To refer you, we will use certain personal pronouns; such as, “You, your, and client”. And while introducing ourselves, we will use the pronouns as such, “we, our, us”. For making something that relates to both: the client and the website. We will use “both party or parties or us.” Each and every instance of the singular, plural, capitalized, and/or he/she/they in this agreement shall be taken to mean the same and refer to the same persons.

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● Intentionally or not, copying and pasting Ritude material without authorization.
● The content provided by Ritude cannot be resold, leased, or sublicensed in any way.
● Reproducing content from Ritude Spread the word about Ritude by reposting their articles.
This Settlement shall become effective as of the dating website first authored above it and shall continue in effect for the term set forth above.
In some sections of this site, visitors can post comments on and discuss articles with one another. Ritude does not pre-screen Comments in any way before they are published on the site. Ritude and its representatives and affiliates do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in comments. The commenter’s views are their own and should be taken as such. To the full extent permissible by law, Ritude disclaims all liability, damages, and expenditure induced and/or sustained as a consequence of the utilization of, submitting of, or visual appeal of the Responses on just this webpage.
Thus, Ritude is entitled to track all Feedback and remove any that it finds to be in contravention of these Terms and Requirements, unless for offensive content or otherwise.
Through this, you confirm, depict, and defend:
(a) All rights, title, and interest in and to the Comments and any derivative works therefrom are and shall remain solely with you.
(b) users have all required permits and licensing requirements to submit the Feedback on our webpage.
The Responses do not incorporate any content that is false and misleading, defaming, assault, immoral, or otherwise potentially illegal or a breach of confidentiality; The Statements do not contravene any rights of intellectual property, also without restriction authorship, trade marks, or brand name of any private entity.
We guarantee that any data submitted through the comments section will not be used in any way that is inappropriate or commercial.
Without any obligation to you, you grant Ritude permission to use, procreate, modify, and authenticate others to utilize, recreate, modify, any of your Remarks in any pattern, layout, or mainstream press.

Use of Our Content in External Links
State agencies, search engines, media organisations, and distribution companies of web sites may connect to our webpage in a comparable way they might very well interconnect to the webpages of other companies included within their corresponding repositories. System-wide National accreditation Companies may connect to our webpage if they adhere to the same guidance as outlined in this aligned legislation.
If the link:
Any corporation may connect to our webpage, articles, or other Web pages so long as the link:
(a) is clear and not misrepresentative;
(b) does not inaccurately indicate patronage, tacit approval, or authorization of the aligned group and its goods or services; and
(c) conforms to the conventions of the site used by the connecting party.
Links from community – based services and/or business data sites, dot-com communities, charity organizations, producers of online directories, marketplaces, academic facilities, professional organizations, and trade organizations may be evaluated and accepted.
Links from such organizations are welcome, but only if they meet the following requirements:
(a) there will be no bad publicity for us or our approved companies;
(b) the company has no complaints on file with all of us.
(c) whether or whether the benefit provided by the accessibility of the backlink overcomes the lack of Ritude
(d) in which the reference is positioned within the setting of wider desired information;
Interconnections to our webpage from the following groups are encouraged, given that:
(a) They are completely honest about their connection to us;
(b) They do not wrongly imply that we actually support, financial backer, or approve of the connecting party or any of its anything; and
(c) They make reasonable and suitable utilization their website.
Feel free to drop us a line if you represent one of the groups mentioned in section 2 above and are interested in establishing a link to Ritude’s website. To help us get you set up with a connection to our site, we’d appreciate it if you’d let us know which specific pages you’d want to link to and the corresponding URLs. Email us at [email protected] if you’d like us to have a look at your website and perhaps add it to our list. A reply to your inquiry should arrive within a couple of weeks.

There are a few other methods that authorized companies can connect to our webpage: through using our corporate identity, through the identifier address being referred to, or through any other representation of our site that provides sense given the setting and structure of information on the connecting party’s webpage.
No copyright formal contract or written authorization from Ritude is required for the utilization of the Ritude logo or other graphics as component of a connection.

Without our prior written approval, you may not “border” any content on our website in such a way that alters the look or feel of our webpage.
The Responsibility of the Content
None of the material published on your site will be held against us. In the event that any third party makes a claim against us relating to your Website, you will be responsible for protecting and defending us from that claim. Any Webpage that includes or promotes libelous, vulgar, or unlawful material or breaches and otherwise damages third-party copyrights may not include hyperlink(s).

Safeguarding Your Confidentiality
For more information, see our Privacy Statement.
The Reserving of Rights
We retain the right to demand the removal of any link to our site, in its entirety or in part. You undertake to delete links to our site quickly if requested. Our terms and linking policies may vary at any point. To continue linking to our site indicates your acceptance of and compliance with these linking terms and conditions.
Taking down of external links
At any time, you can get in touch with us and let us know if you find a link on our site that offends you. We will investigate requests to disable links but are not obligated to take any action or provide any feedback.
No promises are made on the website’s or its content’s availability at all times or their correctness, completeness, or timeliness.

We disclaim any and all expressed and indirect guarantees, obligations, and recommendations with regard to our website including your utilization of it to the maximum extent allowed by the law. This disclaimer does not in any way:
Nothing in this Agreement shall:
To remove or limit responsibility for damages resulting from a person’s death or bodily harm
Never exclude or attempt to limit our responsibility for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.
Any attempt to limit our or your responsibilities that would violate applicable law would be null and void.
Ignore any responsibility that can’t be waived under the law.

With the exception of the immediately previous paragraph, the responsibility restrictions and liability exclusions contained in this Section and elsewhere in this disclaimer:
Include contractual, tort, and statutory liability arising out of or connected to this disclaimer.
This rule applies regardless of the legal theories that might be invoked.
Since this site and its contents and services are provided without charge, we accept no responsibility for any harm that may result from using them.