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Tips to Sell Your Music Online and Make Money as A Musician

The next step for any artist that comes after composing any music is “how to sell music online”. It is the query that helps you learn how to make money on YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, or more. Before the arrival of online music selling, artists used to sell their music tapes through recording shops. But since the digital marketing has over-smarted that era. Thus, you can use digital platforms to sell your free music online with complete authorization through master use license. In this way, no one will be able to earn from your creativity. This is important because there is now more than one music library that sync licensing with not only distribution. But also, it helps you showcase your talent to the world. But selling music online also comes with multi challenges to face. And we will guide you through everything!

Similarly, there are other different tips you can use to share and sell your music online. Similarly, to earn from your music creativity, you must make a song online that will go viral and start raining money. This is something that most of the artists are using to make money online instantly. So, as an artist, you sell your music online to credible music distributors. Such as, Believe, Ritude, CD Baby, DistroKid, IDOL, NextTone Inc, ONErpm, Paragon, POPS WORLDWIDE, The Orchard, and more. These digital music distribution platforms connect artists like you to multiple music streaming channels globally. They are earning great revenue by streaming songs worldwide.

Other Tips to sell your music online

Besides these platforms, you can also sync licensing and sell your music online through creating your own website. But, your website should rank on Google as per the SEO practices. So, you get viewed through your audience when they are searching for your voice. Therefore, you must select the right distribution channel to get unlimited digital downloads. But always remember that your main goal is to get excessive engagement through your audience. Whether you want to sell your music online, or, you wish to sell it through music distributors. Also, you need to make sure that your music sync licensing that only directs to your name or label. It reduces the chances of getting your hard work stolen by others. Thus, you reserve all the legal rights to earn revenue from that song. In this blogpost, we’ll discuss five-easy-tips to sell your music online and make money as a musician.

1. Use of Digital Distribution Platforms

Digital distribution platforms are the best for you to sync licensing and sell your music online.  It is because the music industry is always evolving. These platforms provide very easy access to a huge global audience, which was never possible before. By selling music to these platforms, artists cannot only show it all around the world. But also, their online music can access them to make money online instantly. Although these platforms distribute music across the world and all age groups. However, it still remains a how much do musicians make annually. On the contrary, the rise of digital platforms for distribution makes the music industry more open to everyone. In this way, even independent artists can make their record labels as per their digital downloads and releases. Furthermore, these platforms have useful tracking tools to make adjustments for explosive growth.

In addition, artists can also make money online instantly from their songs without having to sell physical copies. Thanks to services like streaming and digital downloads. Models built on subscriptions offer a steady stream of income. However, pay-per-download options give artists and customers more freedom. Digital distribution gives artists access to many ways to make money through their online music. These include perks such as revenue from streaming services and sync licensing opportunities for your music. They do not only help artists make more money. But also, they assist in developing long-lasting fan engagements.

1. Create your website

Making your website has now become a most-wanted thing for independent musicians. Especially, for those who don’t only want to sync licensing, but also sell their free music online. Moreover, a website becomes a clear picture that represents you to your audience. In this way, you can connect with your fans easily. Musicians should build a website that fits their music taste. They can make their website unique and attractive by-and-by. Their website reflects who they are, and connects them with their audience. So, artists can stand out in the online music industry. It is getting more competitive with every passing day. By having their website, they can control their music image, content, and music store.

A self-owned website is also a hub for distributing digital music. So, as an artist, you can sell your music without going through third-party sites. But you must make safe payments and e-commerce tools to run things smoothly. In this way, you can make it easier to increase your digital downloads annually. It helps you in getting more support financially; plus, you get encourage to do more in your next release. This method increases profits by reducing third-party fees. Also, it gives musicians useful information about their fans. So, it helps artists make their marketing and material more relevant to the audience. Having their website gives them the power to control their profiles. As a result, you don’t only share your music to the world, you make money online instantly.

3. Use Social Media and Streaming Platforms

Leverage the Power of Social Medias

The use of social media and streaming platforms is one-of-the-key strategies for musicians. It is helpful for you if you want to learn how to “sell my music online” to multiple channels. Many social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok are available. They let artists connect with their fans and build interesting online profiles through their impressive number of digital downloads. Musicians can build a loyal fan base and get people excited about their new music. They do so by sharing interesting content like behind-the-scenes looks, hints, and posts. Let’s take the example of YouTube. All you need is to upload music to YouTube and it shares with everyone related to your music taste. And guess what? You don’t even need to learn how to make money on YouTube. Because when you earn the credits, YouTube sends you an email to further action. Easy, right?

Sell your Music Online through Digital Platform

For musicians who create their music related to gaming, and still are searching for, “how to sell my music online?” Well, there is a much better place for you than YouTube. Although, there is no doubt that YouTube and TikTok are the best places to make money online instantly if you are a musician. However, the time has arrived for you to learn how to make money on Twitch if your music is related to gaming. Twitch really cares about the growing industry of gaming loves the passion that you have. The passion to transform the gaming industry with your skills. Furthermore, music enthusiasts find and enjoy new gaming OSTs and music 24/7. It sounds absurd, but it’s the reality. Plus, combining it with your master use license helps in getting easily recognized thoroughly. Never know how much do musicians make when their digital downloads get millions-of-views on-this-gaming-platform.

Breaking Down in Bits

In short, you need to learn how and where to share your music to make money as well. Just as in the above example, you learned that searching query, “how to make money on twitch through my music” helped you learn that there is a gaming platform. Something that cares more about the gaming people than even YouTube does. In this way, you can become more visible and attract new listeners. Thus, the smooth blending of these platforms can sell your music to new heights.

4. Collaborate with Influencers and Music Bloggers

Some people have a lot of audience in some respective categories. Thus, if they support your music, it can get sudden attention and credibility. By working with influencers of the same genre or style as your music, you can reach their huge fan-following. Hence, you can use that to promote your work with their digital music library under your master use license.  Now, the people who visit that influencer will come running to listen to your voice that has been echoing all around. These kinds of interactions improve your online profile.

Apart from that, we have music bloggers who set trends through their wanted music library. As they introduce new artists to their fans. So, you can reach loyal fans through your online music. For them, you can also make a song online and share instantly with the music bloggers. This is one of the most invigorating strategies to overwhelm your listeners around the globe. That’s why, you need to partner with the music bloggers. As they have each new music library for different tastes that most of the people listen on their daily basis. However, according to a case studies, it was acknowledged that “Distributing your music to popular music blogs gets it heard by millions.” On the other hand, distribution of your music through the music bloggers under your master use license name keeps-your-content-safe.


In conclusion, digital music distribution services gives artists chances to reach fans globally. You can make money online instantly through the abovementioned tips that will guide you throughout the journey. If you just want to share your music skills without worrying about anything, then you have got to connect with the right music distributors. In this way, those music distributors can significantly improve your audience and build you revenues. Want to know more how these distributors work? Well, you can tap into the contact information of Ritude. And this will help you learn more about how we will help you get acknowledged by the huge audience.

Apart from this, there are other tips mentioned through which you can sell your music online instantly. Just create your own music website, leverage the social medias, and also collab-with influencers and music bloggers. As a result, you will easily reach the people within your niche. Because those bloggers and influencers already have their best music library that stays live 24/7. In short, these digital platforms help artists to connect with fans, and earn revenue. Which establishes a name for themselves in the world of online music.

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